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Why an Escort is no longer just an Escort

date_range 12 Feb 2020

Why an Escort is no longer just an Escort


These days technology is forever increasing faster and faster. As a younger generation comes along we want everything right now even if we can’t afford it. Sometimes we might put it on the Credit card or sometimes we might just get our dopamine fix through another way…. Porn. It’s free and creates a hit of dopamine. 


Now, human contact is important to us through an evolutionary prospect that can be gained through an escort which releases even more dopamine. The problem is that this can cost a lot of money so a lot of people are happy to have human contact through there screens and be recognized by these beautiful girls for giving them what they have. This means whatever you feel like watching you can see in an instant for a little money. This comes to Snapchat premium, Only fans, Camgirls and many more ways to interact with them. This is a great way to find what you like and how to get it daily.


Now, most escorts want to expand and capitalize on this. Escorts can only make money from people in their immediate area. This could make them great money on how they advertise themselves but are still limited to their soundings and the wealth in that area. When they go online to sell these images and places are not limited to a place or the wealth in that region. If a person likes Aussie girls in Japan he can buy or view their content. He can make himself feel like a king among lesser men though he might not have the cash to book her for the hour in real life. 


Five dollars doesn’t sound like a lot of money but with work, it is still 5 dollars a month but this could be from over one thousand contributors. That five-dollars has turned into five thousand a month for only a few daily images, a couple of hours in front of the cam or sending a few little naughty videos. This can be done in between client bookings and the photos taken before visiting a client when all dolled up or after depending on your audience. 


Why is this important is to be able to advertise these channels? To get more exposure to potential clients. Instagram, Twitter are some big places to self promote to possible clientele. Some other places are new advertising platforms such as Close Secret that allows you to put your social media links in and a link to your extra content link like only fans. Close Secret knows that this market is evolving and wants to maximize your income. This is why an Escort is no longer just an escort but a model, actor, and entrepreneur making their way to success!