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The Type of Clients Every Escort Wants

date_range 02 Dec 2019

The Type of Clients Every Escort Wants

In the escort industry, every client is seen as a potential favorite. Being a favorite does not mean you get a pay cut. Neither does it mean we go beyond the expected parameters of our arrangement. Nevertheless, it could lead to earning an escort’s respect. I have heard of escorts who prioritize appointments in favor of their favorite because the two contacted at the same time. To switch from a potential favorite to a favorite, you MUST be a master of the art of ways that makes us shrink or blush when you contact us again. These key features are what makes you who we want to be at any time when you call on us. No one knows it all as different escort have different ways of determining their favorite. However, escorts never turn their back on these set of clients:


  1. The ones who appreciate the satisfaction

Clients in this category often make their joy known when they are fully pleased. The reason is quite SIMPLE. They eventually found the missing part of their life and cannot hide the amusement. Such clients compensate their escort by making them a favorite and contact them regularly. An escort can also benefit from this business bond and welcome good tidings.


  1. The kind, loving, and gentle ones

Of course, they are RARE but when you have them in your circle, you do not want to lose them. You need a little bit of luck to meet this breed of clients and a very welcoming response to keep them. Respect, we all know is reciprocal. Thus, dedicating enough time and attention to such clients is advisable. Note that some clients have these traits in them but can only be triggered by your response. In other words, treat everyone equally!


  1. The ones who love to be dominated

Unlike those who love domination, escorts prefer clients who love to be dominated. Although it takes a required skill set to perfect this act. Close Secret boasts escorts who will please you to the fullest via the art of BDSM.


  1. The ones who keep to time

The first impression they say last longer and continuous positive impressions make you a favorite. Believe me, you do not want to keep an escort waiting. When a contract is sealed, it is advisable to keep to time or make it known if you will be late to reduce awkwardness on the part of the escort. Also, if you are supposed to mingle for 2 hours, make sure it does not exceed that and make up for any inadequacies.


  1. The Tippers

Tips often time are as a result of excellent service. However, there are clients who are just natural tippers. Whether it is $20 or $200 is out of the question, natural tippers always see the need to drop something for the time expended at least. I love them so much!



There are loads of other clients you will meet in the industry but above are the most common ones. Being faithful in your service and improving your skills is key to maintaining wonderful clients. Remember to always lead with your wallet, to them this is their business and to treat them with respect and you are always guaranteed to be welcomed back regularly.