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The Need for Evolution in the Escort Industry

date_range 01 Aug 2019

The Need for Evolution in the Escort Industry 

Effectiveness and efficiency are the two things every business owner should boast of because it is the pursuit of every client. In other words, these attributes (if maintained), bring about continuous patronage as people always want their desires and wants to be met at all time. Like I mentioned earlier, it has to be maintained and to do this, there is a need for continuous evolution. 

The escort agency has been around for a while and I believe it is time it takes its rightful place in terms of evolution. Trust me, I know there were days when we lived without the internet. When all we had was access to women in the daily papers or magazines (the antique form). Years rolled by and the internet came into existence or should I say the world welcomed technology at large. Since then, until this present moment, the various modification has been welcomed in the adult scene in forms of pictures, videos, colorful magazines, to mention a few. However, the escort fields to be lagging in terms of evolution.


Why we need to evolve

This is the 21st century, why do we still carry the traditional mentality into everything we do? Last time I checked, most escort websites have the same layout. The one where you have access to a layout containing clickable pictures of women with no element of simplification. You have to dig and dig before you find which best suits your requirement. This level of complexity should be a thing of the past because:


  1. Technology Influences Easy Access and Better Result

Imagine a friend of yours who resides in Melbourne, needs to hire an escort and with his busy schedule, he had to plan for weeks before achieving his aim. Funny enough, his success was an escort about an hour away from his work and more so from his wife and kids which would not be a bad choice if he had not prepared for the day. How can you prepare for weeks just to get an escort who you have to travel to meet or needs to travel to meet you? If the system had been fully simplified, the advertisement platform should show you the escorts closest to you not just the escorts in your city. Besides, a better result in terms of distance, fee, body type, just to name a few.


  1. Evolution means more diverse sexual practices

Truth be told, advances in technology tend to provide better opportunities for implementing curiosity of different sexual practices. Location and organization can experience diverse change due to the invention of cars, telephones and the internet. Providing sex workers and client with the ability to work together discreetly. 


  1. Expansion of Sex Work Market

People get busier by the day and amongst these people are escorts all thanks to technology. With technology, it is possible to provide sex services in the most rural part of the world without the need to stay in such an area for a long time or permanently. Thus, the old thinking of going through hell before enjoying the service of an escort can be eradicated.


Bottom Line

The only way to save time, money and achieve accuracy in the sex industry is by embracing technology. No one wants to expend time and effort into searching and finding a service only to be disappointed. Thus, there is a need to revitalize one of the oldest profession of all time!