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Stigmatization associated with the Escort Industry

date_range 27 Oct 2019

Stigmatization associated with the Escort Industry

The sex industry keeps welcoming different stories of stigmatization by the day. I learned of the story of an escort, who was also a university student in Virginia, commit suicide because a video of her being a sex worker was being shared online. Although, we all know this is against the code of conduct of any online platforms, sources claimed she never knew the client made a recording of what transpired between them. Did the video kill her? Hell NO! The thought of how her loved ones will look at her, what they will say to her, and how the world at large might want to take advantage of her pressurized her into taking such rash decision. She should have fought her battles legally, coming out victorious and making a new statement to the world but the era we find ourselves is not one to embrace such an act. Instead, we castigate and cause more havoc with it. Why does stigmatization still linger, its effect on the escort industry and how it can be gradually eradicated until it is no more are what this post will breakdown.


Why they think you are a misfit

  • Poor Orientation or Lack of Knowledge

Yes! Even the bible confirmed it saying “my people perish due to lack of knowledge” One of the major reason why stigmatization is still in the system is simply because people do not understand or have failed to come to the realization of the fact that working as an escort is completely legal and does not affect your lifestyle or beliefs in any way. In fact, it has proven to broaden the physical and mental horizon via flexibility. Thoughts like an escort can never have a home or manage a successful business are incorrect assumptions. The mere fact that men are willing to spend hundreds of dollars if not thousands on you is proof that you are good at handling men. Tell me, if you can groom yourself to handle men, I see no reason as to why you cannot manage a home. This stuff is mental issues not job-related and if you’re about to say the adult niche affects workers negatively, I will tell you that is a flat out lie!


  • Inferiority Complex

Aside from the outside world, we also have ourselves to blame. Why do we find it enjoyable to discuss our sex profession amongst ourselves but shy from it in public? This is not acceptable, standing against stigmatization should start from our end. We should be proud of what we do and make it known to the world, that way we can’t be bullied into feeling inferior or making rash decisions.


Effects of Stigmatization

  • Systemic Discrimination

What do you call a New Zealand teacher who gets deregistered because she posed for an Australian Penthouse or wrote about her past life as an escort? Other proofs include the denial of access to goods and services, employment opportunities and justice.


  • Emotional Impact

This is one aspect that limits the capacity of escorts to fight for basic human right, engages in advocacy, organizing, and activism. It has become a trait passed from one generation to another worldwide and the more it extends, the fatal it becomes. It may lead to death (worst case scenario)

Stigma  Frustration  Death


How it can be Eradicated

  1. Global support is needed! And it MUST start from the root – the masses. From there, it goes on to influence various bodies (from minor to major) until there is a change in perception. Other ways of support include the use of legal means and policy change.

  2. Other methods include:

  • Decriminalization of sex workers

  • Anti-discrimination research and protection to find better ways of approaching the problem.