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Protective Measure Every Escort Must Imbibe

date_range 28 Sep 2019

Protective Measure Every Escort Must Imbibe

Like every other profession, the escort industry also has a risky aspect. However, to be in a good position in terms of safety before, during and after an arrangement, your greatest alarm whistle (your guts) must be a close companion. While it is true that an agency offers a level of protection, I cannot count the number of times my guts have made me make the right decision. Forget about “seeing is believing” when it comes to the escort world. The fact that he is well dressed does not always mean he will behave well or with respect. Before making live contact (not the online type) with any client, it is crucial to be mentally ready. Control every moment, stick to your price, decide what you are willing and not willing to do. But remember, you must be friendly as you do this because if you come across to your client as too stern and unfriendly, things may not work out. Nevertheless, I believe it is better for an arrangement to hit the rock than for it to become a day or experience you can never forget (in a bad way). Set your limits and never be too scared to back out of a contract once those limits are breached. Overall, these form of protections should be implemented before, during and after an arrangement.


Before Work

  • Always inform someone when you are about leaving for work, where you are going and estimated return date. In addition, you should agree on a back-up plan with your witness in case you exceed the expected day of return (without prior notification). This is one reason why working with an agency is beneficial.

  • Ensure to go along with a fully charged phone and some cash in case you need to make use of public transport or get a taxi. Remember if needed, to call emergency services and is free!

  • You also need pencils or pens to jot down important information like registration numbers because you may end up needing them.

  • Relax and be sure of being 100% mentally sound before heading out for any arrangement.


During Work

  • Do not be too carefree or over suspicious when you are with your client. Always make sure your drinks are new and not yet uncrowned. Often times, I opt to serve myself, this way I am very sure of what I am taking. The same goes for food.

  • Trust me, things might want to head sour at times. All you have to do is study the situation and come up with a plan of scaling through safe and sound. Any of these tips might help:

  1. Stay calm and try to calm the other person

  2. Let your client know someone knows where you are and is expecting you soon.

  3. Use a friendly, sensitive language while thinking of an escape route out of the situation

  4. You can also pretend to be sick and vomit.


After Work

  1. If you are being followed, do these:

  • Confirm you are being followed by crossing the street twice or thrice

  • Locate a public gathering such as a pub and socialize while calling your friends or the agency for help

  • Call emergency services or have a friend to pick you up.

  • Wait 20 to 30 minutes after the follower has stopped following. Preferably, leave with a friend.

P.S. – keep safe as well as you can while working and in your personal life