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How to tell if a massage parlor does happy endings

date_range 29 Jan 2020

How to tell if a massage parlor does happy endings


When out and about and you feel that knot in your neck bothering you immensely but a neck massage is the second thing that is on your mind when wanting to get massaged. You turn the corner and see a massage parlor and you wonder…. Does this shop able to relieve all my stress?


There are many massage parlors around and it can become quite confusing which one may or may not do that extra service that you are looking for. Something that you are just unsure of whether or not to go in to see. If you go ask at the counter if they offer extra services there is a very good chance that they will deny that they do anything extra and ask you to leave! This isn’t because they are shy, this is because they are worried you may be law enforcement trying to get them shut down. 


So how are you going to find out? There are a few places to start off with on where not to go.


  1. Shopping centers: They are unlikely going to provide a massage with a happy ending when kids and parents are walking by plus they would have signed a contract to the building that could have them being thrown out very quickly 

  2. Accredited massage shops. People that have gone to Univesity such as chiropractors and sports massage professionals are not going to give you a happy ending and will have you thrown out pretty quickly. This means no matter how beautiful the person giving you that massage do not ask them.

  3. Day spas: This is very unlikely to give you the full relief that you are looking for unless you have been referred by a friend or seen an ad on an adult classified site such as If you have then enjoy

  4. Open or rooms made of curtains massage parlors: These places are normally too open and sound or light can be heard/ seen through them. In Thailand, this is a bit different but in Australia, it is better to have a little privacy as getting a happy ending anywhere besides a brothel or with a registered escort is actually illegal 


Now that you know that massage parlors are in fact illegal to get that nice happy ending. If you still want one here are the things to look for

  1. Can’t see the inside of the shop from the outside: these massage parlors value your privacy as much as they value their own.

  2. Located in an open shopping block: By this, we mean that there is normally lots of shops next door to one another but not in a shopping center

  3. Near train stations or highways: A lot of happy ending shops are trying to get the guys as they come home from a hard day’s work and before they have to go back to there lives they want that 30mins of stress relief. There is always that massage parlor that is away from these places that follow the first two rules. 


So how do you find out if the place does give that happy ending you are looking for? You can’t ask the reception because they will just ask you to leave. The answer is fairly simple, book in for a massage. Normally a 30min massage will cost around $50 or even less but make sure you have extra cash on you for the extra service to be discussed later. Now when they lead you into your nice private room to get undressed, you get undressed to your birthday suit! Put the tiny towel over your buttocks and lay face down. The lovely lady will come in and start massaging you and if the towel is removed and little care is taken from her to not see your ample bosom then you are onto a winner. Not all hope is lost tho if she doesn’t. Just wait and see how the massage goes and where she puts her hands and if they go into places that create arousal then you are a lucky guy. Now once this goes on for a while she may ask you or you can ask her politely ask her if she does extras and for how much. The average rate for a happy ending can vary but it is normally $30 extra in capital cities depending on where in Australia you are.


As for Australian law, It's illegal to get a happy ending, even if you are paying her for a massage. It doesn't matter that you paid for the massage, and not the happy ending. It's still prostitution that has happened illegally in Australia. You can get into trouble but will you? Odds are no, but it's always a risk. It is more the girls and owners that are knowingly breaking the law and profiting without paying taxes on these extra cash transactions will get into more trouble than you would. 


With going to new places and finding out which places give happy endings it is important to remember, just enjoy the massage because if the parlor or the lady doesn’t give a happy ending, its not the end of the world. Just don’t go back to that massage parlor. 


Remember to respect the lady giving you the massage and if she says no to extras, it is her right to say no to anything she is uncomfortable with and to respect her decision. We may get carried away with what we want but there is no reason to be rude if you don’t get your way. A massage is good enough even if you have to go home to misses palmer and her five daughters for that happy ending.