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How to Stay Relevant in The Escort Industry

date_range 28 Aug 2019

How to Stay Relevant in The Escort Industry

There were times when all you thought about was how to start your escort career, wanting to make huge cash in such a little time and the likes. Now, I am sure you are getting along with the industry and that is a good thing. Interestingly, the one question that never fades out in this part of our world is how to stay on top one’s game irrespective of competition, economic tides, to name a few. Trust me, while others complain of bad times, you can always have a reason to smile because you already know about the tips needed to stay relevant in the industry. I am sure most of the tips I will be disclosing are things you have heard of or thought about without taking action. Thus, if all you do is think without taking action, you do not need this post. However, if you are an action taker, let’s enjoy the ride.


  1. The Money Myth

If the major reason why you became an escort is to make “quick money”, staying relevant might be an impossible or arduous task to accomplish. Why else should I be in the industry, you say? Do not get me wrong, every escort wants to make money but you will agree with me that not every day will be great. Thus, to maintain and sustain relevance, you should be prepared for good and bad times.


  1. You are Your Own Brand

You might have another boss in the person of your agency but you should note that you need to work on yourself and build a standard. To stay on top of your game in the escort industry, you need to know the thin line between what you will do and what you prefer to do, what you will not do and what you prefer not to do and many more. This standard might seem a little harsh or strict to others, but so far it keeps you in the game and keeps bringing you a good streak of positivity, you need to maintain it.


  1. Take Risks

Well, it is a known fact that no remarkable success or journey to success is risk-free. However, the type of risk I am referring to here is the “safe” type. I hope you know we have a safe type of risk? They include test running some different styles of ads, different content on social media and find out what attracted the clients to you online whether it be your content or photos. It may work sometimes and it may backfire. When things go right, note such moves and when it backfires, always have a backup plan.


4.Advertising and Identity

To stay relevant, you need to retain your potency in terms of advertisement and identity. Expensive ads are not necessarily what you need to get great clients. This is because most clients are in search of a provider who is engaging, good in bed and a good conversation starter. Make sure you advertise with an advertising company that allows you to share your website and social media to portray your best qualities. If you make this your personality, hopes of staying relevant are very high!


5.Tricks and Turns

Our service is an embodiment of both physical and emotional characteristics. Thus, like every other worker, some twist and turn are needed. Opting for an ephemeral break is one of my top tricks as I use this medium to relax, rejuvenate myself and attend to other pressing needs. Posting of your breaks down at the beach or your time off creates content and portrays personality as well for your potential clients.


To stay relevant make sure you can be seen and find an advertising platform that advertises you well through not only photos but a video, range of services and can help direct people to your personal websites or your social media platforms.