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How booking a “girlfriend experience” does not essentially mean that it would be boring

date_range 03 Jan 2020

How booking a “girlfriend experience” does not essentially mean that it would be boring


Although the girlfriend experience is one of the most standard packages that numerous sex workers offer to their clients, it is not necessary that these packages have to be generic in any way. As per the history of this particular service, it used to be offered by very few female sex workers in the past, and mostly consisted of a covered BJ, owing to the perception that most girlfriends prefer doing that, until expanding to the standard service that most female escorts offer in modern times. The service became so popular amongst the clientele, that it even inspired a TV series that focuses on sex workers, with the name The Girlfriend Experience. In earlier times, escorts did not like kissing their clients, cuddling them, engage in conversations or offer pleasant and non-rushed foreplay, thereby making the GFE in earlier times more of a service that provided quick relief. However, it was soon realized by escorts and escort service providing companies that a lot of clients are looking forward to hiring an escort not solely because of the sex they would get, but because of aspirations of being able to embroil in a holistic experience that resembles the perfect date with the perfect girlfriend. The need for intimacy and companionship was found to be far more overbearing than the need for a quick service, and therefore, modern-day escorts and escort services evolved their GFE to offer this complex, yet exciting experience to their clientele. These services ultimately result in more lustful sex, thereby not providing any extra class to the act, but they do require more investment on a physical and emotional basis, thereby providing the package with an intimate feeling. 


How GFE is not generic or boring


Regardless of the fact that GFE is a standard experience provided by most modern escorts and escort services, it is not necessary that they would be boring or generic. A GFE is a service that can be provided to the client in the best manner possible, only and only if it is tailored to the needs and preferences of the client receiving it. Therefore, opting for a GFE can provide you with an experience that is unlike any other than you have had, while also ensuring that you feel a deep connection with the escort that you have hired. Although, many clients are hesitant or anxious to divulge a lot of information during the booking process, making the booking sessions unique and compelling can encourage the client to feel at home and provide information that would help escorts to provide them with the best GFE that they have ever had the chance of experiencing. Most escorts make sure that they provide something different to their clients during the GFE and thereby provide their clients with a service that they would expect from a normal girlfriend. It is in no way generic and differs from client to client. 


How to ensure that your GFE is exciting


While booking a GFE make sure that you converse in detail with your companion or escort service during the booking process. Tell them the things that you would love to see in your girlfriend, or if you have a particular fantasy that you want to be fulfilled. Think about the things that excite you, or your preferences while going out on a date, and communicate the same with the escort agency. Two other things that you need to keep in your mind are your budget and the time you would want to be dedicated as per the service. Once these aspects are well within the limits that you have set for yourself, you can take the consultation further and book the best ‘girlfriend experience’ for yourself.