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date_range 20 Dec 2019


Have you ever tried uploading your photos to sites where you were looking to meet eligible clients but ended up being displeased with the final results? Perhaps the images were too boring, too monotonous, or just simply lacked the touch of personality, class, and sophistication you desired. You can wave goodbye to all those problems because, in this article, we will give you all the insider secrets you need to create a killer profile and capture the hearts of your potential clients. Giving you a platform to design and arrange your photos in an aesthetically pleasing manner.


If you are to attract the appropriate clients, you must seize creative control over your photos and how they are displayed to your potential matches, as first impressions do matter in the online adult advertising world. Here are a few things to bear in mind when creating a killer profile.


•    Create a customized and engaging presentation:


In order to make your profile stand out, you must decide the order of your image layout and how they will be displayed on your profile. It is important to remember that your profile photo is the first impression your potential clients get, thus it is extremely important to make it a good one. Choose a display of photos customized to suit your style and reveal your unique personality. Also, choose interesting shots that make people want to see more of you; this is guaranteed to boost the user engagement of your profile.


•    Focus on your strongest features


What are your strongest features? What is that thing you keep getting compliments about? It could be your eyes, lips, or even the shape of your body. Get creative with makeup, colors, and clothes that accentuate these features. For example, if you have a broad chest and slender hips, flay skirts and dresses would be the perfect fit for you.  


•    Smile, smile, smile


Research reveals that your potential clients consider a girl who is smiling on her profile photo to be more friendly and approachable that one who keeps a straight face or a sexy pout. Make your potential matches subconsciously comfortable with you by giving them a nice, warm smile. 


•    Choose powerful colors


Color definitely has an important effect on the psychology of your potential client. A color choice can easily depict you as vivacious or boring, as classy or as gaudy. Choose colors that work for you. Choose colors that match your complexion and give you an air of sophistication. Avoid colors that you know don’t work for you because they can easily make your outfit look cheap and shows in the body langue. 


•    Make your face the main focus


Ensure that your face is visible in most photos so that your potential clients can clearly see and appreciate your features even if your face is blurred it adds an element of completion to the photos. Additionally, you should have a variety of photos on your profile (one photo or outfit gets boring) and remember to use only recent photos. 


•    Use photos that reveal your personality


Select photos that tell the world who you are. If you love to shop, for example, put up some photos of you with designer shopping bags, or in swanky places you have visited. If on the other hand, you are a lover of nature, upload photos of yourself on the beach or from your last hiking trip. This gives your potential clients a story and would be more likely to look at your bio after seeing your sexy photos. 


•    Proving you are real


Adding a photo with your name and contact number helps prove authenticity or adding your social media links and your website is a great start. Clients sometimes see photos as “too good to be true” and very often this is true! Doing these simple things helps the clients see that you are 100% real.


•    Create a catchy bio


When creating your profile bio, remember to keep it short, sweet, and very interesting. Avoid clichés and sentences that portray you as an uninteresting person. Focus on the most interesting aspects of your personality and don’t be afraid to get inspiration from the most visited profiles. You can also ask a friend to tell you what they find most interesting about you. 


After all is said and done, the most important thing to remember is, to be honest. Nobody likes a phony, and even if you do land a client, all it takes is for seeing each other face to face to discover that he has been catfished and loses interest. Every client has a type and focus on your niche to get repeat customers. Focus on your strengths, make your photos appealing and be honest about your personality. Follow these steps and you are guaranteed to create a captivating first impression.