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Basic Qualities of a Great Advertising Platform

date_range 25 Jul 2019

Basic Qualities of a Great Advertising Platform

Since the shut down of major websites like Backpage and Craiglist, newer websites have emerged! What this implied was a new era of platforms for escorts to advertise their services. Nevertheless, the hustle for the top spot has made several advertising platforms lose focus. Aiming to rank high on Google’s search list is quite good but it should never be at the expense of the major goal of the advertisement itself. Hoping to advertise your escort services on a platform? Here is what you should look for:

Advertising themselves?

Trust me, you do not want a platform to handle your advertisement which isn't trying to use new innovative ways to advertise for you. This may come with a few risks involved but more often times, greater reward! Instead, aim for a platform that looks past just the number one spot on google and uses the company that is using innovative ways to advertise like social media. A platform with a known presence on Google and various social media. This way, you stand a better or should I say a sure chance of getting hired!

Do They Treat You as A Client?

Respect, they say is reciprocal! The way you are perceived and treated by an advertising agency is very KEY! You’re a client, paying the bills for their functions, not just a subscriber and should be treated as one. If this is lacking, you need to skip such platforms. Truth be told if a client-to-ad agency relationship is terrible, such a platform that is lacking is normally out of touch with their clientele and people they want to bring to your ads.

No Criminal Records

I advise you to carry out this research on your own. So many shady activities are associated with the industry. To know that the company you advertise through is above board on their operations is less of a risk to you and your business. Companies with such criminal elements may hold your private information for ransom or maybe shut down due to wrongful dealings.

How Good is Their Content Creator?

No advertisement format can do without content. is this company creating blogs, active on social media and paying for marketing to get their brand more awareness than other platforms? the more a company advertises itself, The more successful your contents generate, the more traffic and the higher your chances of getting hired!

Constant Evolution

This is the 21st century and everything or almost everything has gone digital or based on technology. In contrast to the newspaper you had access to years, websites which normally advertise these services are normally not much better than the old morning paper. Car sales and even the local hardware stores are evolving from where you are to what you are exactly looking for. This information includes age, size, services, price, shape, distances from you, not just the city you are in, to name a few. In short, a platform with a constant update is a website that will remain relevant!



Discrimination Level



Walk away if you sense any form of hierarchical implementation! This is just another way of exploiting potential clients. Your choice of advertising platform should be level headed in terms of status. Do not be surprised when you see stuff like the “VIP package” on an adult website, it does not necessarily mean you will make the front page or get more patronage. As I said, it is just a way to extort people and believe me, someone somewhere paid beyond what you did.


Law Abiding


Very similar to boasting of a flawless record but this time with a bigger punishment. An adult website that operates in contrast to the rule and regulation of a state or country at large is definitely going to be seized or crash. I’m sure you don’t want to invest your career into such a platform. Backpage and Craiglist are good examples. See the SESTA and FOSTA below to know why they ended up in ruin all over the world.


Wrap Up


The Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act (FOSTA) and the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act (SESTA), commonly referred to as the latter are bills that make websites liable for what users say and do on their platform. Various advocacy groups have termed the bill as one with negative effects as it hurts consensual sex workers and undermines essential internet freedoms. Despite being expected to attain its full capacity this year, prominent websites like Backpage and Craiglist can tell you what the bill has done to them – Destroyed them!