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As industry change and evolve; Why not the oldest profession in the world?

date_range 13 Oct 2019

As industry change and evolve; Why not the oldest profession in the world?


Time, convenience, cost optimization/effectiveness and accuracy, This is what is always at the heart of every successful industry & business. Everyone is there to get the best possible deal. People have wants and desires. They wish to find it quickly, easily and to find it for the best price.


As an entrepreneur, I look at how businesses are evolving so I can compete in this ever-changing market that I look to compete in. This sort of lifestyle I have chosen is hard work, that is because I’m not just an entrepreneur but I also work full time.


A lot of people have told me two things to succeed in business, you either have to give a better product or sell it for cheaper. I believe this is right in certain areas of business. I also would be more willing to buy from a company that I have heard of through advertisement that has helped me trust their brand. If there are two cafes sitting next to each other perfectly the same, which one do you choose. You would be more inclined to go to the cafe that advertised and caught your attention in the past. I am more likely to trust their brand awareness they have made for themselves. Well, that or if there is a dog out the front I can pat while having my coffee (doing something better than your opposition).



Now you are asking yourself why am I talking about this? I believe this goes across all industries. Now I remember as a kid looking at the classifieds in the morning paper to look at these small images of women in lingerie. A kid has to do with what he has got to get by with no internet. As I got older, the internet became more mainstream. There were as many photos and videos I could see. There came YouTube versions for porn all as equally competitive and fast-evolving. Although the porn industry is up to date in most parts, the escorting advertising sector is a little more advanced than the morning newspaper years ago.


The reason I look at the advertising of escorts online like my morning paper is most of the way it is set up. It's time-consuming to find what you want. It's clicking on a bunch of pictures of the women you want hoping one may be close by and if their prices are within your desires. The way most websites have their sites laid out is, You select your city, it shows you a bunch of women’s pictures laid out like the classifieds. You look at the pretty pictures and by a short description, you then click on the person’s profile and see description a few more pictures and normally have to look through this description of how much they are charging. Now this to me seems very time consuming and not effective for the user. 

Now for myself, I live in Melbourne. This is a fairly big city and for me to lookup an escort and find them in the city I have to almost plan my day out to go see them. Catch the train, tram and walk. That can take me more than an hour to get to their door. I would rather know who is near me in my and my surrounding suburbs.  To a man with little to no time to spare once he finishes work, he would like somewhere close that he can stop into on the way home after a hard day's work. Why hasn't the industry made it that you can find something within the area that can show you what want with a distance from your location, not just a search suburb by suburb.


As the people are busier and busier these days the less time people get to have for life's pleasures. Most people know what their turn-ons and want to know, body type, sex, race, services, and price. This is just some of the things that are needed for everybody's own personal experiences. Why do you have to have to go to each individual profile to find exactly what you are after? Why are you not being able to have the ability to filter your search to what you are wanting?


Every person is different and has certain preferences. This is prevalent form car sales, porn sites to even date APS like tinder. Wouldn't it just make sense that you have a preference in what you are paying good money for an orgasmic experience, why not make it easier to find the things you truly desire with less effort? If you look for things multiple times, wouldn't it be nice when something new comes along that meets the preferences that you are alerted to this?

Once this is all done and you are torn between two or three beautiful matches but are only able to pick one why can’t you compare them side to side without having to open two different windows to be able to view two or more different profiles at the same time? Saving time, money and convenience is what the general consumer is out there to find while having the best experience tailored to their needs.


To sum this up People want to save time, potentially save money relative to their needs/desires and want this information to be accurate. No one wants to spend a lot of time and effort searching and finding a service to fill their interests and falling short. This is able to provide a solution to the main things that hinder the growth and accessibility of the industry.